Building Real Castles in the Sky with VMEdu



With explosive advances in online communication and cloud formations, intellectual property has become prime real estate. If you have been dreaming of a castle in the sky, now is the time to build it, and VMEdu, Inc. is ready to help.

With its launch of the VMEdu Authorized Content Partners (V.A.C.P.) program, the company opens its full-featured, cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) to any organization that has created or wants to create courses related to any field of adult learning in any language; or is using another Learning Management System (LMS) to host their courses. The platform and program enables anyone to create and host their courses with zero upfront investment and no technical expertise.

The versatility of the LMS provides content experts with the option of hosting their courses on their own website. The VMEdu technical team provides them with their own high-quality mobile app. If your course content has more than 60 minutes of video, VMEdu will cover all expenses related to creating, maintaining and upgrading your mobile app in an Android version. Additional mobile apps can be created for $250.

This state-of-the-art platform from VMEdu is expected to disrupt the Learning Management System market. With zero upfront costs, best-in-industry mobile apps at zero-cost for Android Phones and experience from teaching more than 500,000 students from 150 countries and 3,500+ companies, VMEdu is definitely positioned to make that happen. To help them, the company has a huge VMEdu Authorized Training Partners (V.A.T.P.) network of more than 750 partners in more than 50 countries.

How valuable is cloud real estate for training professionals? The V.A.C.P. Program offers the opportunity to dramatically increase revenues. In addition to the earnings from students taking their courses on the VMEdu platform, V.A.C.P.s can make their courses available for sale through VMEdu’s fast-growing V.A.T.P. partner network. Promotional courses can be offered for free in order to extend market reach and build increased revenues more gradually.

What keeps this from being pie in the sky is that the VMEdu Cloud LMS is, by far, one of the best adult learning platforms globally. It has been built over a period of 7  years–with millions of dollars of investment–and tested thoroughly by launching multiple courses and websites that have become international leaders in their fields. Moreover, VMEdu’s strong back-end capabilities allow its partners to easily manage their relationships and training requirements with VMEdu, Inc. VMEdu’s LMS is hosted in a scalable cloud infrastructure and already hosts hundreds of courses with more than 50,000 learning resources including videos, questions, case studies, simulated exams, flashcards, study guides and more.

Cloud opportunities are growing, but many feel anchored to the ground because of a lack of technical expertise or liquid capital. The V.A.C.P. program will put you in your sky castle with zero setup and maintenance costs and no technical knowledge or infrastructure required. Unlike other traditional LMS platforms, one does not have to pay any licensing fees, buy expensive hardware, or hire expensive software professionals to launch online courses and mobile apps. There is no cost associated with creating or uploading courses. Unlike traditional LMS platforms that usually have negligible support for mobile apps, VMEdu creates the best-in-industry mobile apps at zero-cost for Android phones (if more than 1 hour of video courses is uploaded) and $250 for iPhones. One can save more than 90% of current LMS expenses by using the VMEdu LMS–and also have significantly more capabilities than those offered by traditional LMS platforms.

Your place in the Cloud is waiting for you. Pick up your keys at VMEdu.

To learn more about the VMEdu Authorized Content Partner Program, visit


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